Disciplinary Hearings

Handling Employment Disputes

What is a Disciplinary Hearing?


An employee who is suspected of breaching their contract of employment may be subject to a disciplinary hearing with their employer.

The purpose of the hearing is to discuss the alleged breach and decide an appropriate course of action.

Disciplinary meetings

HR-Onsite’s role in conducting a disciplinary hearing

HR-Onsite will attend at the company’s premises, hold the disciplinary hearing with the employee, make any additional enquiries, and draft a detailed report to include recommendations for an outcome to the issues.

We will listen to the employee and consider any wider matters of concern for the employer to consider.

HR-Onsite also specialises in holding:

Need to hold a disciplinary hearing?

  • If you need to hold a disciplinary hearing with an employee, it is essential to contact HR-Onsite as soon as possible.
  • You should provide us with details of the allegations together with any documentation and witness statements.
  • We will attend your premises, hold the disciplinary hearing on your behalf and provide you with our report detailing our findings.
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