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Holding HR meetings can be difficult and stressful, even for the most experienced managers and professionals. HR-Onsite doesn’t offer advice or provide you with contracts or handbooks. We’re not a ‘jack of all trades’ but we are a master of one – holding HR meetings on behalf of businesses.
Let us remove the stress, anxiety and pitfalls on you holding such meetings and let us meet with your employee on your behalf. We will use our experience and expertise to provide your employee with a professional, non-confrontational meeting and make recommendations for a fair outcome to the matter. 

How do we do that:

ü  We ensure the meeting follows a correct procedure, that it complies with all legal requirements and guidelines, and is fair and impartial.

ü  We audio-record the meeting and can arrange for it to be transcribed, so you know what was said and discussed.

ü  We provide a detailed report outlining the events leading to the meeting, the evidence provided to us, and recommend an outcome to the issues.


 The benefits to you:

  • You are free to run your business in the knowledge the matter is being dealt with correctly, efficiently, professionally, and independently.
  • You are not tied-in to any lengthy contract or required to pay for services you don’t need.
  • You avoid any allegations of bias by the employee or that the outcome is a foregone conclusion.
  • We focus solely on the matters of concern without being clouded by any historical issues that may have arisen between you and the employee.
  • We look at any wider issues that we believe are relevant that could impact the business or that may arise in the future.
  • We hold meetings at a time that is convenient to all parties so you don’t have to fit the meeting around a busy schedule.
  • The report we provide is based on the evidence provided to us and is not influenced by any perceived injustice to the employee.
  • You don’t have to feel intimidated by the attendance of a Trade Union Representative trying to confuse you or the issues, or making threats of litigation against your business. We know the law, not just what the employee or their representative would like it to be.


Contact us today and let us resolve your workplace issues tomorrow.

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