Avoid being Judge and Jury.

No-one likes to be accused of being Judge and Jury, yet businesses do this every day with its employees by holding Investigation, Disciplinary, and Appeal Hearings.

Although different people might hold these meetings, the company still employs those individuals, they’re still acting on the Company’s behalf, and you’re open to allegations of bias or prejudice by employees.

HR-Onsite are in independent, impartial, third-party who can hold these meetings on behalf of the company to avoid such allegations, leaving you free to do your job.

With 25 years’ experience in dealing with HR matters, whether it’s a Grievance, Disciplinary, Investigation, Capability Hearing, a Redundancy Consultation meeting, long-term sickness absence review, a Flexible Working Request interview, or a Settlement Agreement negotiation, HR-Onsite will deal with the matter for you and provide a detailed report to include recommendations for an outcome to the issue.

Our Specialist will attend at your premises, meet with the employee and conduct the meeting. They will listen to what the employee has to say, consider the documentary and oral evidence, make findings based on that evidence, and give you recommendations for an outcome to the matter.

This gives you peace of mind that the matter is being dealt with correctly, professionally, and independently for the benefit of the business.

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