Outsource your HR Support

HR-Onsite: the right solution for your business needs.

Looking for a trusted partner to help with HR meetings?

We work closely with existing HR companies and provide additional support to your clients.

How HR-Onsite can support you.

We work with HR advisers and HR companies to outsource HR-related meetings with employees.

We don’t provide advice, support, or guidance to business, we don’t provide employment contracts, handbooks, or deal with onboarding. We just hold meetings on behalf of businesses. 

Our clients use HR-Onsite to outsource meetings such as: Disciplinary, Grievance, Investigation, Capability, and Appeal Hearings as well as Redundancy Consultation, Long-Term Sickness Absence, Mediation, and Settlement Agreement negotiation meetings.

HR-Onsite also specialises on holding:

Why should you consider outsourcing to a specialist?

  • To save you time, resources, stress and anxiety

  • To avoid confrontation which may make the situation worse

  • To ensure the meeting is legally compliant with employment law

  • To reduce the risk of costly Tribunal proceedings

  • To improve employee morale and retention

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