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Looking for a trusted partner to help with HR meetings?

We work closely with existing HR companies to provide additional support to their clients. They give advice, we hold meetings on an independent basis.

We have no contractual agreement with those clients but we can provide our service when they want it. This complements and enhances the service HR providers can give their clients.

Why don’t they just hold meetings for their clients? Well, as we said, we are truly independent as we have no contractual relationship with the client so we’re never accused of being an extension of the company, or just doing what the client wants us to do. We are independent and we make our own mind up regarding the outcome to the matter with no undue influence.

That’s not to say we won’t consider what the client wants, but we will look at the matter impartially and recommend an outcome based on the information provided to us without any emotional or contractual attachment.

How HR-Onsite can assist your clients.

We work with HR advisers and HR companies for them to outsource to us any HR-related meetings with their client’s employees.

Because we are not only impartial, but are independent, we aren’t influenced by any contractual tie-in with the business and aren’t influenced by what outcome the client is seeking, which may be detrimental to the business.

Because we only hold a range of HR meetings, the client will still require advice and support from it’s HR provider so there’s no conflict of interest, just a complementary way of working for the benefit of the business.

HR-Onsite also specialises on holding:

Why should you consider outsourcing to a specialist?

  • To save your client time, resources, stress, and anxiety

  • To avoid confrontation which may make the situation worse

  • To ensure the meeting is legally compliant

  • To reduce the risk of costly Employment Tribunal proceedings

  • To improve employee morale and retention

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