Resolving Workplace Issues

What is a Workplace Mediation?

Workplace mediation is a process involving a mediator who helps the parties in dispute to reach agreement to resolve their concerns and to work more harmoniously in future.

Mediation should be voluntary and will be confidential so the employer will only be told whether the mediation was successful or not.

What is HR-Onsite’s role in the mediation process?

We will attend at your premises, or the site used to hold the mediation, and meet separately with each of the parties in dispute.

We then hold a mediation session with all parties to allow each side to hear the other’s concerns. We then encourage communication between everyone with the intention of the parties finding their own solution to the issues.

We do not take any notes, the mediation is confidential, and we don’t share what is discussed with any outside party – not even the employer in most situations.

We inform the business whether or not the mediation was successful.

What are the benefits to the company of mediation?

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