Resolving Workplace Issues

What is Workplace Mediation?

Workplace mediation is a process involving a mediator who helps the parties in dispute to reach agreement to resolve their concerns and to work more harmoniously in future.

It is an alternative to a grievance hearing and a means for all parties to air their complaints, discuss the issues, and find a resolution.

It is not the mediator’s role to suggest or find a solution. They enable the parties to raise their concerns in a controlled environment and without confrontation.

Mediation should be voluntary and will be confidential so you will only be told whether the mediation was successful or not.

Our role in the mediation process

As an employer you have to agree, and be satisfied, that you will not be told what is said and discussed in the mediation session. If not, mediation may not be for you.

We hold the session in two parts – with each individual to determine the issues, and then with all the parties for them to raise and discuss the issues in a controlled environment.

We do not take any notes because the mediation is confidential. We don’t share what was said in the session, only whether the mediation was successful or not. If it isn’t successful, the employee can still raise a grievance if the issues are still not resolved.

We can hold the meeting at your premises or a neutral venue if easier.

If mediation is successful, we will contact the parties several weeks after the session to check the progress of the parties previously in dispute. 

Why use mediation?

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