Managing Investigations and Appeal Meetings

What is an Investigation Meeting?

Issues arise in the workplace that require further enquiries to be made before an outcome to the matter can be decided.

An investigation may require formal interviews to be held with staff as well as an examination of all relevant documentation.

What is the purpose of an Investigation Meeting?

  • To determine the facts of the matter
  • To decide what course of action is appropriate in the circumstances
  • What action, if any, to take with any particular employee, such as a Disciplinary Hearing
  • It can be used as a learning tool to prevent such incidents occurring in future

What is an appeal?

To establish whether the original decision was correct.

For an appeal to be valid, it should state:

  • What information was not available at the time the original decision was made, and that information was likely to change the original decision.
  • That the decision-maker overlooked a piece of information that, had they not, it was likely to have altered their decision.
  • The decision was perverse and the evidence doesn’t support the finding.

It is not a second chance of finding a different outcome on the same evidence.

HR-Onsite’s Role in Conducting Investigation and Appeal Meetings

HR-Onsite will look at the circumstances and establish what information is required in order to make findings of fact. This may include taking witness statements from staff or asking for particular documents.

We will then draft a detailed report for the employer that will include our findings and make recommendations on how to progress the matter.

An Appeal Hearing will consider the grounds of the appeal and decide if there are any reasons that make the original finding unsafe and should be overturned.

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