Grievance Hearings

Handling Employee Grievances And Complaints

What is a Grievance Hearing?

If a member of staff is dissatisfied with a situation in work they need to put their concerns to you in writing. 

The company must investigate the issue and hold a grievance hearing with the individual to determine their full concerns before deciding what course of action to take.

The purpose of the hearing is to understand the issues and to resolve the employee’s concerns.

Our role in conducting a Grievance Hearing

In our experience many employees prefer to talk to an independent individual – a stranger – rather than their employer as they feel they can speak their mind rather than being cautious if their boss is in the room.

This is where HR-Onsite’s service can be invaluable because we are independent. It also shows your staff you take their concerns seriously and will deal with such matters for their benefit. 

We will attend at your premises, conduct the grievance hearing by giving them the opportunity to tell us all their concerns. Afterall, you don’t want to have a succession of grievance hearings, you want to hold one and ensure they’ve got all their concerns out in the open.

We then provide you with a detailed report detailing the issues, stating what was said and discussed, what information was provided to us, and advise you whether the grievance should be upheld or not. 

HR-Onsite also specialises in holding:

Need to hold a Grievance Hearing?

  • Ask relevant questions to ensure you fully understand the issues, highlight anything that requires clarification, and then sum up what you believe are the issues. 
  • Take time to consider the issues, don’t make any snap decisions, investigate, and speak to any witnesses or anyone you believe could assist you in making a fair and reasoned decision regarding the matter.
  • Avoid feeling as if the grievance is a personal criticism or that the employee must not like working for the company. For them to have submitted their concerns in writing and attended a grievance meeting they must have genuine concerns which they want you to address.
  • Or let us deal with the matter on an independent basis!
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