Grievance Hearings

Handling Employee Grievances And Complaints

What is a Grievance Hearing?

A grievance hearing is a meeting between an employer and an employee who has raised a complaint about their working conditions.

The purpose of the hearing is to understand the issues and to resolve the employee’s concerns.

HR-Onsite’s Role in Conducting a Grievance Hearing

HR-Onsite will hold and conduct the grievance hearing with the employee. Many employees say they prefer to talk to an independent individual rather than their employer as they can speak freely without feeling they may be judged adversely or penalised.

We will listen the employee’s concerns and make any necessary investigations before drafting a detailed report for the employer to consider the outcome.

HR-Onsite also specialises in holding:

Need to hold a grievance hearing?

  • If you need to hold a grievance hearing with an employee, it is essential to contact HR-Onsite as soon as possible.
  • We will ask you for a copy of the grievance and any relevant additional documentation. We will do the rest.
  • We will attend your premises, hold the grievance hearing with the employee and provide you with our report detailing our findings.
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