Bullying at work?

What should you do if you receive an allegation from an employee that they are being bullied in work? Do you tell them to get on with it? In our experience many allegations of bullying are made by women against other women. Generally, the person who is alleged to be the bully is in a more senior position to the one being bullied and, when challenged, they say they are just being a strong manager.

In these circumstances it is difficult to determine the truth, particularly if you have worked with the individuals concerned for some time. You may not want to cause any further difficulties in the workplace by appearing to take sides.

This is where HR-Onsite can be invaluable. We will meet with all the parties on an impartial basis to hold an Investigation and/or Grievance Hearing to determine the true facts. This can be done without us having any pre-conceived idea or knowledge of the individuals that is likely to sway us one way or the other in deciding an outcome.  

We will provide you with a detailed report stating the facts, the oral evidence provided to us, our findings based upon the evidence, legislation, guidance, and caselaw, and we will provide you with proposals for resolving the issues.

You are then free to decide the outcome and can avoid any allegations of bias, favouritism, allegiance to one person, management sticking together, or not wanting to rock the boat.

Let HR-Onsite remove the stress and anxiety, on all parties, by conducting the meeting, making any necessary enquiries or investigations, and making proposals for an impartial, fair, and transparent outcome to the issue.

We will deal with all meetings and difficult situations in a non-confrontational manner and will support, guide, and assist you in reaching a fair and transparent outcome to the issues facing your business.

Not only will this show to the employees that you take their concerns seriously by dealing with the matter correctly, professionally, impartially, and in accordance with your policies and procedures, but it highlights to all staff that you are a caring employer who takes such allegations seriously for their benefit.

At HR-Onsite we deal with a range of HR-related meetings including Disciplinary, Grievance, Redundancy, Capability, Investigation Meetings as well as Appeal Hearings and Settlement Agreement negotiations.

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