Dealing with Trade Unions

What do you do if a Trade Union representative starts to bully you during a meeting with an employee they represent? Can you ask them to leave? How do you know if the representative is correct when they say you are in the wrong and what you are doing is illegal? You find someone who knows the law to show them they are the ones in the wrong.

This is where HR-Onsite can be invaluable. We know the law, not what the employee and their Representative would like it to be.

We will hold the Disciplinary, Grievance, Investigation, Appeal, or Redundancy Consultation meetings, for example, without the issues being clouded by the representative, or by them making threats of litigation against the business, or by them trying to persuade you to do nothing regarding the matter.

We will provide you with a detailed report showing the facts, the oral and documentary evidence provided to us, our findings based upon the evidence, legislation, guidance, and caselaw, and make recommendations for an outcome to the issues.

This avoids any allegations of bias, or that you are just trying to get rid of the employee, or that you did not deal with the matter correctly or appropriately.

Let HR-Onsite remove the stress and anxiety on you holding the meeting, and let us hold it on your behalf, leaving you free to run the business in the knowledge the matter is being dealt with correctly, professionally, independently, and in accordance with your policies and procedures.

You’re not tied-in to any lengthy contract, you’re free to use us whenever you want. 

Contact us today on 0151 513 3324 for a free, no obligation discussion and let us resolve your workplace issues tomorrow.

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