Discrimination in work?

What do you do if an employee alleges they are suffering discrimination in work? Sometimes the discrimination may not be obvious. They may tell you that their colleagues talk about them behind their back, or they are being excluded from conversations, or their Manager gives them more work, or more difficult work, than they give to others.

In these circumstances it is difficult to determine the truth, but the impact on the business may be immense if the issues aren’t dealt with quickly and correctly.

This is where HR-Onsite can be invaluable. We will hold an Investigation Meeting on your behalf and provide you with a detailed report stating the facts, the oral evidence provided to us, our findings based upon the evidence, legislation, guidance, and caselaw, and we will provide you with recommendations for resolving the matter.

This leaves you free to run the business in the knowledge the matter is being dealt with correctly, professionally, and independently. It also avoids any allegation that you do not take such matters seriously or properly. 

You are not tied to any lengthy contract but are free to use our services whenever you wish.

Let HR-Onsite remove the stress and anxiety on all parties by conducting the meeting in accordance with your policies and procedures. It will show staff that you are a caring employer who takes such allegations seriously for their benefit.

Contact us today on 0151 513 3324 for a free, no obligation discussion and let us resolve your workplace issues tomorrow.

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