The benefits of using HR-Onsite when dealing with workplace disputes

No-one goes into business thinking about how they will deal or resolve workplace disputes, so when you’re faced with such matters you may not feel comfortable holding a Disciplinary or Grievance or a Redundancy Consultation meeting with your staff. You may be too busy, you may have worked with them for many years and conducting the meeting might feel awkward but, whatever the reason, HR-Onsite can hold the meeting for you.

Here are 12 reasons how HR-Onsite can benefit your business by holding workplace meetings on your behalf.

  1. You can concentrate on running the business and not be bogged down in dealing with the matter in the knowledge it is being dealt with efficiently, correctly, professionally and in accordance with legislation, case law, ACAS guidance, and their own policies and procedures.
  2. You avoid any allegations of bias by the employee that the outcome is a foregone conclusion or that it is merely an attempt to get rid of them or treat them unfairly.
  3. You don’t have to feel intimidated by the attendance of a Trade Union Representative trying to confuse you or the issues or by them making threats of litigation against your business.
  4. We hold meetings at a time that is convenient to all parties, so you don’t have to fit the meeting around a busy schedule.
  5. We are independent and have no prior thoughts, views, opinions, or motives regarding the employee that may cloud our judgement when deciding the recommended outcome to the particular matter.
  6. On occasions, the workplace requires a change or shift in its culture – maybe some staff have acted in a despondent manner, causing disruption to the business or attend work late or leave early. By having an independent third-party holding investigation, disciplinary, or grievance meetings, it can change the culture by showing staff changes are being implemented and such behaviour will not be tolerated.
  7. We are a fresh pair of eyes looking at the issues from both sides and can focus solely on the matters of concern without being clouded by any historical concerns that may have arisen between the parties.
  8. We know the law, not what the employee or their representative would like it to be, and neither they nor their representative will bombard us with incorrect assertions regarding their employment rights.
  9. Sometimes employees want to know their concerns are being taken seriously and are being dealt with correctly. As an independent third-party we can repair any damage to the employment relationship between the employee and the company.
  10. We will look at any wider issues that we believe are relevant and will inform you of any impending concerns that could arise in future that may give you cause for concern.
  11. The report we produce can be provided to any third-party, such as an Employment Tribunal, to show the recommendations were reached by an independent expert whose recommendations were based upon the evidence provided to them and were not influenced by any perceived injustice to the employee.
  12. The employee will be satisfied the process was undertaken fairly, they didn’t have to raise their concerns in an awkward meeting with a colleague they work alongside and who may be their line-manager, and their concerns were listened to and acted upon in an appropriate and fair manner.

HR-Onsite has a wealth of experience and expertise in dealing with a vast range of HR and Employment Law matters including Disciplinary, Grievance, Redundancy, Capability, Investigation Meetings as well as Appeal Hearings and Settlement Agreement negotiations.

We will deal with all meetings and difficult situations in a non-confrontational manner and will support, guide, and assist you in reaching a fair and transparent outcome to the issues facing your business.

Contact us today for a free, no obligation discussion and let us resolve your workplace issues tomorrow.

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