Got a problem employee?

Sometimes issues arise in the workplace when an employee causes problems in the workplace with their colleagues. No formal complaint may have been raised by anyone, and the issue may seem trivial, but it will need to be dealt with before the matter becomes a bigger issue.

If you have an HR department, they will deal with the matter by investigating the issue and deciding on a course of action to resolve the problem. If you have an outsourced HR provider, they will advise you to investigate the concerns and report back to them for advice on the next steps to take, which may include you holding a disciplinary hearing with the individual.

At HR-Onsite we will remove the stress and worry on you holding the investigation and/or any disciplinary hearing by holding them for you. We attend at your premises and will conduct the investigation and/or disciplinary hearing and provide you and the HR provider with a detailed report outlining the matters of concern, what was discussed at the meetings, our findings based upon the oral and documentary evidence, and recommendations for an outcome to the matter.

Let HR-Onsite do the hard work and leave you to concentrate on other business matters safe in the knowledge the matter will be dealt with correctly, professionally, and independently. 

Contact us today and let us resolve your workplace issues tomorrow.

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