What do you do with a problem employee?

How do you solve a problem with an employee, eh? 

Not quite the Maria musical, but what do you do if an employee is causing problems in work? What you don’t do is ignore it. Do you let them get on with it and hope it stops? What if staff refuse to work with them or threaten to resign?

You need to hold an Investigation Meeting and, depending upon the outcome, a Disciplinary Hearing. Another alternative is to offer the problem employee a Settlement Agreement. This should not be seen as rewarding bad behaviour, but removing the problem with the added bonus that no Employment Tribunal litigation will follow. But how do you get the employee to agree to accept an offer of settlement?

You let HR-Onsite hold the meeting for you. We meet with the employee, and make an offer of settlement. This is done without us having any pre-conceived idea or knowledge of the individual, and it avoids you having to have any difficult or awkward conversations with the person. We will deal with the matter in a professional and non-confrontational manner to reach the outcome you want.

We draft the Settlement Agreement and conclude the process on your behalf. 

Let HR-Onsite remove the stress and anxiety on all parties by holding and conducting the meeting. You’re not tied-in to any lengthy contract, you use us when you wish.

If no settlement is reached, we will convert the meeting to a Disciplinary Hearing to resolve the issue.

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