What do you do with a problem employee?

What should you do if you have a problematic employee who causes problems with colleagues in work? Do you let them get on with it and hope it stops? What if staff refuse to work with them or threaten to resign?

You could hold an Investigation Meeting and, depending upon the outcome, a Disciplinary Hearing. Another alternative is to offer the problem employee a Settlement Agreement. This should not be viewed as rewarding bad behaviour, but removing the problem with the added bonus that no Employment Tribunal litigation will follow. But how do you get the employee to agree to accept an offer of settlement?

This is where HR-Onsite can be invaluable. We will meet with the employee and can hold the Investigation and/or Disciplinary Hearing to deal with the company’s concern. Depending upon the outcome and the options for resolution, we can (depending on your instructions) make an offer of settlement for the employee to consider. This can be done without us having any pre-conceived idea or knowledge of the individual or any connection that may make such conversations by you to be difficult or awkward. 

If agreement is reached we will draft the Settlement Agreement and conclude the process on your behalf. Let HR-Onsite remove the stress and anxiety, on all parties, by holding and conducting the meeting.

We deal with all meetings and difficult situations in a non-confrontational manner and will support, guide, and assist you in reaching a fair and transparent outcome to the issues facing your business.

Not only will this show to the employees that you take their concerns seriously by dealing with the matter correctly, professionally, and impartially, but it highlights to all staff that you are a caring employer who takes such allegations seriously for their benefit.

At HR-Onsite we deal with a range of HR-related meetings including Disciplinary, Grievance, Redundancy, Capability, Investigation Meetings as well as Appeal Hearings and Settlement Agreement negotiations.

Contact us today at Contact Us – HR Onsite (hr-onsite.com) or call us on 0151 513 3324 for a free, no obligation discussion and let us resolve your workplace issues tomorrow.