Why use HR-Onsite to deal with your redundancy?

With the alarming increase in redundancies faced by businesses, particularly in light of the pandemic, do you know your obligations and responsibilities in dealing with a redundancy process?

HR-Onsite will hold consultation meetings with staff in-scope for redundancy. We will deal with the matter in a professional, respectful, and impartial manner as we understand that employees face the possibility of losing their job through no fault of their own.

We will deal with all meetings and difficult situations in a non-confrontational manner and will support, guide, and assist you in reaching a fair and transparent outcome to the issue facing your business. You’re not tied-in to any lengthy contract and are free to use our services whenever you wish.

Let us remove the stress and anxiety such a process can cause to both parties and allow us deal with the unfortunate situation using our skills, knowledge, and experience obtained by handling such matters over many years.

Contact us today on Contact Us – HR Onsite (hr-onsite.com) or call us on 0151 513 3324 for a free, no obligation discussion and let us resolve your workplace issues tomorrow.