The benefits of using HR-Onsite

No-one goes into business thinking about how they will deal or resolve workplace disputes, so when you’re faced with such matters you will need advice and support regarding the process to follow. You may not feel comfortable holding a Disciplinary or Grievance Hearing with the individual, or holding a Redundancy Consultation meeting with your staff. […]

Need to downsize and make redundancies?

There are five fair reasons to dismiss an employee, one of which is redundancy. However, it is also one of the most difficult reasons to dismiss as you need to follow specific procedures and, any failure to do so, could result in a genuine redundancy situation being found to be an Unfair Dismissal. This is […]

What do you do with a problem employee?

What should you do if you have a problematic employee who causes problems with colleagues in work? Do you let them get on with it and hope it stops? What if staff refuse to work with them or threaten to resign? You could hold an Investigation Meeting and, depending upon the outcome, a Disciplinary Hearing. […]

Dealing with Trade Unions

Provided an employee is a member of a Trade Union, they can bring a representative to most HR-related meetings. But what if the Trade Union representative starts to bully you during the meeting, can you ask them to leave? How do you know if the Representative is correct when they say you are in the […]

Dealing with disputes in work

There will be times when arguments or issues arise between employees in work. What are your obligations regarding such matters? Do you let them get on with it, do you investigate the concerns, what if one person is not being truthful? Alternatively, what if an employee alleges someone has stolen something from them, or what […]

Discrimination in work?

What should you do if you receive an allegation from an employee that they are being discriminated in work? This may be due to their age, race, sex, or disability. Sometimes the discrimination may not be obvious. They may tell you that their colleagues’ talk about them behind their back, exclude them from conversations, or […]

Bullying at work?

What should you do if you receive an allegation from an employee that they are being bullied in work? Do you tell them to get on with it? In our experience many allegations of bullying are made by women against other women. Generally, the person who is alleged to be the bully is in a […]

Why use HR-Onsite to deal with your redundancy?

With the alarming increase in redundancies faced by businesses, particularly in light of the pandemic, we want to let you know we will deal with the redundancy process with your staff in a compassionate and understanding manner. In a redundancy situation employees are faced with a situation outside their control. They haven’t raised a complaint […]